spiritual exploration for children

welcome kids!

 We encourage children of all ages to join in the fun. Our children’s program during each Sunday event begins by gathering in the main room with the adults to share in song. The entire fellowship listens to the children’s story, sharing the fun of a good book. Then the children go to their own classroom where we light a chalice, share joys and sorrows, and engage with stories, art, games or other activities that explore the Unitarian principles.

We aim to share the focus of each children’s program with that week’s adult program so that kids can share their experience with adult members during the social hour that follows the service.

In our Spiritual Exploration program, we aim to create an open-hearted opportunity for children to develop a personal connection to the seven spiritual principles of Unitarian Universalism.  Stated in kid-friendly language, the principles are:

  1. Every single person is important.
  2. We treat one another with respect.
  3. We spend our whole lives learning how to be the best people we can be.
  4. Together we can learn about the world and what is true.
  5. Everyone has the right to use their voice and be heard.
  6. Together we work to create a world that is peaceful and fair for everyone.
  7. We respect the earth and all living things.

We gear our program to the ages of the children who are present.  We encourage them, in age-appropriate ways, to think for themselves about these spiritual principles, as well as to use their personal life experiences and their heart as they attempt to apply these principles in their lives.

Including and engaging kids

Get started with your children

If you are interested in learning more or in getting involved in the children’s program, contact Spiritual Exploration Coordinator
Tonya Van Bueren at (509) 996-8050
or Jen Ramsey at (509) 997-3312.