What We Do

Methow UnitarianOur search for truth and meaning is facilitated by:

Sunday fellowship gatherings  (September - May) from 10 - 11 a.m. A brief spiritual service including a hymn or two, an expert speaker on a specific topic, followed from 11 a.m. - noon by refreshments and much conversation. Last year speakers talked on the topic of ethics and how we encounter ethical issues in almost every aspect of our daily life. This year speakers will challenge us to create visions of positive change and make those visions happen. See program schedule for specific dates and topics.  

Religious exploration for children age 6-12; childcare for younger children  

Small group potlucks at the homes of individuals, book groups andindividual reflection on one's own time

Our annual picnic

Our annual membership dinner  

The following committees  (opportunities to be of service)

  • music
  • hospitality
  • children's program
  • social action
  • program
  • publicity
  • social support
  • finance
  • membership