Past Programs

Program Schedule Sept. 2017 - May 2018                                 

  • Sep. 17:  Louise Stevens, Unitarians who sought peace in the context of conflict, also, water ceremony 
  • Oct. 1:  Todd Eklof, Religion and Politics
    Oct. 15:  Carol McKinley,  Walking Toward Trouble, Taking a stand against Injustice
  • Nov. 5:  Solveig Torvik, Peace in the Presence of Conflict 
  • Nov. 19:  John Roth, The Things We Carry
  • Dec. 3:  Ken Jones, Roots of Silence, Seeds of Peace
  • Dec. 17:  Solstice celebration
  • Jan. 7:  Mark Markuly, Does Religion Have a Future?
  • Jan. 21:  Vicky Douxmont, Pathway to Peace
  • Feb. 4:  Shannon Polson, One Soldier's Thoughts On Christianity
  • Feb. 18:  Kelly Edwards, Engaging Dialog Across Difference
  • Mar. 4:  Annual Brunch, presentation By Louis Stevens
  • Mar. 18: Dayton Edmonds, Finding Peace in Periods of Conflict
  • Apr. 1:  Dana Visalli, Mythology, Ecology, and Reality
  • Apr. 15: Ruth Annie, Radical Amazement
  • May 6:  Nick Hershenow, Missionaries, Mercenaries, and Misfits
  • May 20: Roundtable

Program Schedule Sept. 2016 - June 2017                                 

Sep. 18:   Louise Stevens:  Unitarian history, foundations, and current activity 
Oct. 2:  Carol McKinley:  A network of mutuality
Oct. 16:  Natalie Kuehler:  From Manhattan to the Methow: an Environmental Attorney's Unexpected Journey West
Nov. 6:   Jason Paulson:  Rainbows, Spotted Owls and Corporate Coal: a Journey to Community Conservation
Nov.  20: Carolyn Cilek: Cultivating Compassion Within the Two Homes We Are Never Without
Dec.  4:  Todd Eklof: Social Justice: creating positive change in times of uncertainty
Dec. 18:  Ken Bevis: Loving the Methow Valley
Jan. 1: Brian de Place:  The Importance of Place, Community and Advocacy
Jan. 15:  Rob Crandall:  Community Stewardship
Feb. 5:  Sam Lucy:  Healthy Soils, Healthy Lives
Feb. 19:  Dayton Edwards: Our Place in Creation
Mar. 5:  (Annual Brunch) Mark Markuly: How the World Changes One Story at a Time
Mar. 19:  Ken Jones: Yearning for the Web
Apr. 2:  Sameer Ranade:  A Smart Transition to Clean Energy
Apr. 16:  Dana Visali: How I Became a Naturalist
May 7:  Elana : Is This Charity or Solidarity Work?
May 21:  Peggy Hosford, MD:  Ecological Medicine - Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Spiritual Exploration Program for Children
September 18   Ingathering
October 2   Making paper mache globes
October 16   Painting globes
November 6   Skit preparation
November 20   Stone soup
December 4   Skit practice
December 18   This is a small world after all
January 1  Resolutions 
January 15  Beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes  
February 5   Celebrating our uniqueness
February 19  What is happiness?
March 5  Spring Songs with Lauralee Northcott
March 19  Planting seeds
April 2  Painting rocks of kindness
April 16  Easter
May 7  Making a Mother's Day present
May 21  Trash collecting in the park
June 4  Juggling and picnic in the Commons
June 4:  Roundtable Wrap-up


Program Schedule Sept. 2015 - June 2016


  •  Sep. 20:   John Roth:  Who Knew?  Coping with the Unexpected 
  • Oct. 4:  Carol McKinley:  Love is the Doctrine of this Church
  • Oct. 18:  Kevin Lawson: Live Forward, Understand Looking Back
  • Nov. 1:   Dr. Michael Trice: Gods, the Cosmos, and You
  • Nov. 15:  Dayton Edmonds: Reaching Out
  • Dec.  6:  Nate Bacon: Soul as Ecological Niche
  • Dec. 20:  Christmas, Solstice
  • Jan. 3:  Peggy Hosford, MD: Aging as a Spiritual Experience
  • Jan. 17:  Carolyn Cilek: Shamanism
  • Feb. 7:  Dr. Mark Markuly:  The Jazz Age of Spirituality
  • Feb. 21:  Sheila Brandenburg: Confronting Aging: Looking In and Reaching Out
  • Mar. 6:  Laura Shennum: Many Ways to Pray
  • Mar. 20:  Nate Bacon: Soul as Ecological Niche; Annual Dinner 
  • Apr. 3:  Slim Moon:  
  • Apr. 17:  Dr. Michael Trice: Return to Generosity
  • May 1:  Dr. Todd Eklof: 
  • May 15:  Bill Graves:  


Program Schedule Sept. 2014 - June 2015


  • Sep. 7:   Jerry Sparling:  UU History:  an Overview 
  • Sep 21:  Ruth Annie Lonardelli:  What Does "Interfaith" Mean?
  • Oct. 5:  Uri Silberstein:  Buddhism
  • Oct. 19:  Lindsay Swope: The Fairy Realm
  • Nov. 2:  Dayton Edmonds, Native American Storyteller:  The Good Red Road
  • Nov. 16:  Daneen Balcirak:  Universal Spiritual Laws
  • Dec.  7:  Jane Orme: Mythology as it Relates to Spiritualism
  • Dec. 21:  RE group: Finnish Lights, Christmas, Solstice, Carols, Santa Lucia
  • Jan. 4:  Dr. Mark Markuly:  A New Tradition of Spiritualism in Worldwide Catholicism
  • Jan. 18:  Dr Todd Eklof:  Heyoka Reasoning
  • Feb. 1:  Dana Visali:  Science, Spirituality and Sanity
  • Feb. 15:  John Hawley: Devotion to Deity (Hinduism)
  • Mar. 1:  Peggy Hosford, M.D.:  Traveling the Sufi Spiritual Path
  • Mar. 15:  Dr. Michael Trice:  Cosmos - the Gods and You
  • Apr. 5:  Ruth Annie Lonardelli:  Paganism as Connected to Easter; intergeneration
  • Apr. 19:  Allison and Taya DeLong:  Camino de Santiago Walk (The Way of St. James)
  • Apr 24:  Annual UU Dinner at Methow Valley Community Center 4-7pm
  • May 3:  Tarek Dawoud: The Muslim Path to Spirituality
  • May 17:  Larry King:  The Change from Traditional Christianity to New Thought
  • June 7:  Roundtable Discussion:  What Have We Learned?


Program Schedule 2013-2014   FOLLOW YOUR VISION


  • Ruth Annie Lonardelli - Be the Change You Wish to See
  • Carl and Roxie Miller - History of Schafer museum
  • Gina Montevardi and Casey - History of Recycling
  • Pam and Terry Hunt - Living in Harmony
  • Dana Visalli - Biophelia (Love of Life
  • Carolanne and Agon - Creating a Space” Merc
  • Mark Markuly
  • Rayma Hayes- Education/Little Star
  • Bob Elk - Farmers Market
  • Jane Gilbertson - MV Conservancy
  • John Hayes /Don Portman- MV Rec/trails
  • Michael Trice
  • Sybil Macapia- Confluence Cohorts, Supporters of the Vision
  • Ruth Annie - The Renewal
  • Wayne & Linda Mendro - African school
  • Barbara Morgan - Personal and spirital strength
  • Bowl Painting

Program Schedule 2012 - 2013 

  • Sept 16:  Dr. John Roth,  Ethics and UU Tradition 
  • Oct 7:  Nellie,  Water Gathering Ceremony & Picnic
  • Oct 21:  Sheila Brandenburg,  Ethics of Eldercare
  • Nov 4:  Darrell Gantt,  Ethical Evolution
  • Nov 18:  Cheryl Wrangle, Gratitude;   & "Stone Soup" Dinner
  • Dec 2:  Karen West,  Ethics of Journalism
  • Dec 16:  Intergenerational Musical Pageant
  • Jan 6:  Sharon Cohen,  The Freedom of Living an Ethical Life
  • Jan 20:  Dr. Mark Markuly,  Finding New Ethical Moorings for American Society
  • Feb 3:  Scott Fitkin,  Wildlife Management Ethics
  • Feb 17:  Kelly Edwards,  Ethics of Emerging Technology in Medicine and Science
  • Mar 3:  Greg Cunningham,  Immigration Laws and the Effects on Migrant Families
  • Mar 17:  Rev. Laura Shennum,  Easter: A UU Interpretation
  • Apr 7:  Methow Valley UU Annual Dinner
  • Apr 21:  Hans Smith,  The Ethics of Water Usage
  • May 5:  Raleigh Bowden,  Ethics in Life and Death
  • May 19:  Annie Lonardelli, The Ethics of Forgiveness
  • Jun 2:  Picnic



May 6, "Finding a Balance through the Sufi Practice of Remembrance," with guest Peggy Hosford, M.D.

April 15, "Economy and the American Dream," Dr. John Roth, former Philosophy Professor, Claremont McKenna College.

April 1, Darrell Gantt, former Methodist Minister in the Valley, back with "Easter and the Rape of Eros: A Recovery of Balance and Harmony for a New Age"

March 18, Annual Dinner

March 4, "Poetry in Motion," favorites brought by those attending

February 19, "Balance in Sustainable Agriculture," with guest speaker Jennifer Argrave from Crown S Ranch.

February 5, "Harmony and Balance in Serving Others," presented by Karissa McLane and others from Room One

January 8, The Changing Role of Religion in American Society, Seattle University's Response to a Major Cultural Transition. Dr. Mark Markuly, Dean of Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.


December 18, Christmas Program, Sing-Along with Lynette Westendorff

December 8, Jon Hawley presented his thoughts on "Balance and Harmony in Hinduism"

November 20, Bill Hotell, "Balance and Harmony in Art and Architecture"

November 6, "Discordant Harmonies--How Nature Works," with Dana Visalli

October 15, Peggy Hosford, Guest Speaker: "Finding a Balance in Healthcare, What we must Do to Transform U.S. Medical Care"

October 2, "Harmony through Listening" with Dr. Raleigh Bowden, Guest Speaker

Sept 18, "What is Harmony and Balance? You Decide..." Discussion led by Dr. Gerald Sparling

August 30, Potluck picnic at the Jardin's home.

June 12, 2011, Picnic potluck (complete with a magician) at Winthrop Park

May 22, 2011, "Making Peace with Your Possessions." Guest Speaker: Diane McKenzie from the Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, in Wenatchee

May 8, 2011, Carolyn Cilek and Ed Walsh conducted "A wrap-up: Revisiting a Year of Peace," in line with our theme this year.

April 17, 2011, MVUUF Annual Dinner at the Methow Valley Inn, Twisp. Music by Terry Hunt.

April 3, 2011, "What a Peaceful and Just Economy Might Look Like." Speakers: Valerie Sukovaty and Carolyn Cilek

March 20, 2011, Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling elaborated on the novel "Breakfast with Buddha."

March 6, 2011, "Witness for Peace," Florence Sawyer shared her experiences in Guatemala

February 20, 2011, Donald Dowie, "Building International Friendships, a Volunteer's Story from Chile"

January 16, 2011, "The Tree of Many Trees," with Blake Luvon

January 2, 2011, The Wisdom of "Hey Dude...?" discovering your true nature through the practice of "everyday" life, with Blake Luvon


December 19, A Holiday Celebration: A "sing along" with Carolyn Cilek and Becky Harwood on keyboard

December 5, "Peace in the Midst of Adversity, " Jane Gilbertsen, Speaker

November 21, Sharon Cohen on 'Mindfulness"

November 7, "The Heart of Peace," with Jim Kistner

October 17, "Peace Through Reconciliation," Speaker, Glenn Schmekel

October 3, Mark Wenzel, Superintendent of Schools on Education and Peace: "Thinking About Peace at School"

September 19, Exploring Aspects of Peace, Dr. Gerald Sparling Moderating

September 12, Jamal Rahman, Interfaith Ministerin Seattle and Sufi Muslim, shared on the topic "Practicing Three Cups of Tea." Earlier in the weekend he lead a workshop and answered questions at the Merc Theatre on Islam.

May 5, Visiting Minister, the Rev. Alex Holt, UU Minister in Yakima, Zen Buddhist Student, and head of the UUA Addictions Program, spoke on "Buddhism and Western Religion in Dialogue"

April 21, Ed Welch continued a talk on "Healing Alternatives"

April 7, "Healing Alternatives, "Panel led by Ed Welch

March 17, Mike Ferris led a Chalice Circle Discussion, "Consciousness: Where Eastern and Western Religions Meet"

March 3, Mike Ferris spoke about his recent trip to an ashram in India.

February 3 and 17, Eric Burr spoke and led discussion: "Relating Global Warming to Conservation Biology."

January 20, 2010, David Ward led a Chalice Circle Discussion on "A Course in Miracles. "

January 6, 2010, David Ward Introduced the Book "A Course in Miracles, " while the children explored New Years celebrations throughout the world"


December 16, 2009, Holiday Celebration with Music and Potluck. The Children Celebrated the Winter Solstice

December 2, 2009, "Experience How Compassionate Communication Can Help You Connect by Observing Role Play Exercise," led by Steve Cleaves.

November 18, 2009, Dow Gordon, our guest, spoke
"Compassionate Communication -- Would you enjoy being more connected to the people you love most?" 

Spiritual Education for the Children: "Giving Thanks, Creating a Thanksgiving Tree."

November 4, 2009, Mike Ferris presented a talk entitled "Why Is It So Difficult to Discuss Our Different Religious Views?"

Spiritual Education for the Children: "Developing Core Strength: practicing tools for inner strength."

October 21, Evening of singing, poetry, stories.

October 7, Chalice Circle Discussion, "Health Care for All: Ultimately a Moral Decision"

September 16, at the Community School, Winthrop: panel members spoke on "Health Care for All: Ultimately a Moral Decision"

August 24, potluck picnic at Pearrygin Lake

June 7, A picnic to start the summer was held on
at River Run Inn

May 17, "The Van Gogh Cafe," Sermon by Visiting UU Minister, Keith Kron (Director, Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns for the Unitarian Universalist Association)

May 3, Mike Ferris: "Is it Time for a New Religion?"

April 19, Dana Visalli led a Chalice Circle discussion on "How to Thrive in Difficult Economic Times: Investing in the Community of Life."

April 3, "Big Mind, Big Heart," talk by Sidney Musai Roshi, Prajna Zendo, New Mexico (followed by day-long workshop on April 4th)

March 15, Fellowship "Economic Stimulus Dinner"

March 1, Rev. Roger Bruggink
"Practicing Christianity in a Muslim Country"

February 15, , "Speak a Few Kind Words for Institutions," facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling

February 1, , "The Unitarian Movement, Then and Now," Facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling

Januray 18,, discussion of "Science and Spirituality," facilitated by Nancy St. Clair

January 4, 2009, Gregg Studen spoke on
"Science and Spirituality: Reactions to the Global Ecological Crisis;" Children's Program: "Finding the Animal Within" (Children's Yoga Program)


December 21, Confluence Gallery, Twisp.
"Life Transitions in this Solstice Season," . Holiday Party.

December 7, "Home/Family Directed Funerals:
A Final Act of Love, "a program presented by Suzie Kowalski

November 16, "Opportunities for Community Service in the Methow Valley"

November 2, "Community Service, a Spiritual Practice" with a Panel of Local Speakers: Eunice Marchbank, Adrianne Moore, and Glenn Schmekel.

October 18, Symposium with Methow Just Peace, addressing why things seem to be coming apart at the seams and what can be done about it.Title: ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’

October 19, Discussion about the sermon by Dr. Sharon Whitehill on October 5:" The Power of Metaphor.

October 5, Dr. Sharon Whitehill:" The Power of Metaphor. "Presenting images that are used in political rhetoric, and how they shape our thinking.

September 21, "What Keeps You Coming Back," Chalice Circle Discussion.

September 7, "Diversity and Change," talk by Mike Ferris, D.Min.

May 4 and May 18, Dr. Dick Gode spoke on "Morality, Going or Coming?" and led a lively discussion on the topic.

April 20, Alexandra Kovats at the Merc, "Belonging to the Universe: Exploring an Ecological Spirituality"

April 6, Zen Buddhism, questions and answers in an informal setting, with Sharon Cohen and Nancy St. Clair

March 16, All-fellowship potluck dinner, with the Finance Committee cooking

March 2, Don Johnson spoke on the Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling's research on "What Does Easter Mean to Me. "

February 17, Corbett Gordon introduced and led a discussion with members of the local chapter of Veterans for peace.

February 3, Nancy Farr and Nancy St. Clair:
"Personal Glimpses of Zen Experience"

January 20, The Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling led a discussion: "Where Have all the Leaders Gone?"

January 6, Jane Gilbertsen spoke on "The Fear Factor: Choosing the Road Ahead"


December 16, Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling led a Chalice Circle Discussion: "A Recycled Christmas -- Culture on Sale."

December 2, Don Johnson and Dana Visalli spoke on"Values across the Spectrum--A Cost-Benefit Analysis"

November 18, Dr. Mike Ferris facilitated the Chalice Circle Discussion "Reflections on Islam."

November 4, Community event at the Merc Playhouse. Jamal Rahman, co-minister of the Interfaith Community Church, Seattle, "Understanding Islam."

October 28, Tandi Koerger, guest speaker from the Pacific Northwest District, UUA, on Religious Education -- it isn't what you think.

October 14, The Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling led a discussion on "Sacred Texts: What do we really know about them?"

September 23, Chalice Circle "Why Do we Share Sunday Afternoons," facilitated by Mike Ferris, Don Johnson, and Nancy St. Clair

September 16, Memorial Service for Miriam Bishop, at the Community Center in Twisp

September 9, An In-Gathering service with a sermon by the Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling

We enjoyed two summer potluck picnics. In August, Dr. Cleve Abbe spoke on "The Compassionate Smile" and lead a discussion comparing Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

June 24, "On Beyond Zebra," A short service led by Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling. Dr. Seuss is considered one of the great theologians of the 20th century. His works, although they are especially for children, are for children from 80 to 80. The Annual Meeting and Board Elections followed.

June 10, Jerry Sparling led us in examining "What are the Problems with Revelatory Religions?"

May 27, Suzanne Follis facilitated a lively Chalice Circle discussion on the topic, "Living an Ethical Life."

May 13, Mother's Day Peace March. Participants walked with others from Oroville to the Canadian Border.

April 22, Discussion on the topic, "We Are Women -- Do We Roar? Should We?" facilitated by Corbett Gordon

April 8, "The Miracle of Easter, One UU's Perspective," Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling.

March 25, Chalice Circle: Don Johnson and Vickie Welch, "Should we speak to, provide for, and/or sanction our 'enemies'?"

March 11, Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling,"Why Your Answers Matter." What are our core American Values? How do we act to defend them? That is the debate taking place all across America--- but, has truth been lost along the way?

February 25, Anaka Mines and MacLeod Pappidas: Cuban Organic Gardening and a Report on Guantanamo

February 11, The Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling-- Does the Everyday Violence We Live With Cause Us to Rethink the Nature of God, and the Inherence of Human Worth and Dignity?

January 28, Nancy St. Clair, "Are Unitarians Christian?"

January 14, Miriam Bishop  "Life, Death, Love, Medicine, and Miracles."


December 10, "Christmas Friar Works, Little known poems about Christmas written by Robert Fulghum. Poems You've Probably Never Heard, " Rev. Dr. Virginia Sparling

November 26, Guest talk by John Hanron, "Freedom of Speech."

November 12, "Public Service - Why?" Discussion facilitated by retiring PUD Commissioner Don Johnson

October 22, "Common Good, "The two Danas (Stromberger and Visalli). Chalice Circle discussion, followed by a potluck.

October 8, "Spirituality in the Methow Valley," Mike Ferris

September 24, Chalice Circle Discussion, "Religions and Lunar Cycles," facilitated by Vicki Welch and others.

*[Note: we were meeting all during 2006 and perhaps half of 2005, but records are incomplete at this time.]

March 26, Chalice Circle Discussion, facilitated by Jim Kistner, "The Experience of Evil,"

March 12, Rev. Virginia Sparling spoke on the topic "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil."